There are issues with your plugin code preventing it from being approved immediately. We have pended your submission in order to help you correct all issues so that it may be approved and published.

We ask you read this email in its entirety, address all listed issues, and reply to this email with your corrected code attached (or linked). You have 6 months to make all corrections, before your plugin will be rejected. Even so, as long as you reply to this email, we will be able to continue with your review and eventually publish your code.

Remember in addition to code quality, security and functionality, we require all plugins adhere to our guidelines. If you have not yet, please read them:

We know it can be long, but you must follow the directions at the end as not doing so will result in your review being delayed. It is required for you to read and reply to these emails, and failure to do so will result in significant delays with your plugin being accepted.

Finally, should you at any time wish to alter your permalink (aka the plugin slug), you must explicitly tell us what you want it to be. Just changing the display name is not sufficient, and we require to you clearly state your desired permalink. Remember, permalinks cannot be altered after approval.

Be aware that you will not be able to submit another plugin while this one is being reviewed.

## Data Must be Sanitized, Escaped, and Validated

When you include POST/GET/REQUEST/FILE calls in your plugin, it’s important to sanitize, validate, and escape them. The goal here is to prevent a user from accidentally sending trash data through the system, as well as protecting them from potential security issues.

SANITIZE: Data that is input (either by a user or automatically) must be sanitized as soon as possible. This lessens the possibility of XSS vulnerabilities and MITM attacks where posted data is subverted.

VALIDATE: All data should be validated, no matter what. Even when you sanitize, remember that you don’t want someone putting in ‘dog’ when the only valid values are numbers.

ESCAPE: Data that is output must be escaped properly when it is echo’d, so it can’t hijack admin screens. There are many esc_*() functions you can use to make sure you don’t show people the wrong data.

To help you with this, WordPress comes with a number of sanitization and escaping functions. You can read about those here:

Remember: You must use the most appropriate functions for the context. If you’re sanitizing email, use sanitize_email(), if you’re outputting HTML, use esc_html(), and so on.

An easy mantra here is this:

Sanitize early
Escape Late

Clean everything, check everything, escape everything, and never trust the users to always have input sane data. After all, users come from all walks of life.

Example(s) from your plugin:

wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:152: $events_meta[‘_minus’] = strtotime($_POST[‘_tevent’]);
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:153: $events_meta[‘_tevent’] = $_POST[‘_tevent’];
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:154: $events_meta[‘_jam’] = $_POST[‘_jam’];
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:155: $events_meta[‘_lokasi’] = $_POST[‘_lokasi’];
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:156: $events_meta[‘_mapsevent’] = stripslashes($_POST[‘_mapsevent’]);

## Generic function/class/define/namespace names

All plugins must have unique function names, namespaces, defines, and class names. This prevents your plugin from conflicting with other plugins or themes. We need you to update your plugin to use more unique and distinct names.

A good way to do this is with a prefix. For example, if your plugin is called “Easy Custom Post Types” then you could use names like these:

  • function ecpt_save_post()
  • define( ‘ECPT_LICENSE’, true );
  • class ECPT_Admin{}
  • namespace EasyCustomPostTypes;

Don’t try to use two (2) or three (3) letter prefixes anymore. We host nearly 100-thousand plugins on alone. There are tens of thousands more outside our servers. Believe us, you’re going to run into conflicts.

You also need to avoid the use of __ (double underscores), wp_ , or _ (single underscore) as a prefix. Those are reserved for WordPress itself. You can use them inside your classes, but not as stand-alone function.

Please remember, if you’re using _n() or __() for translation, that’s fine. We’re only talking about functions you’ve created for your plugin, not the core functions from WordPress. In fact, those core features are why you need to not use those prefixes in your own plugin! You don’t want to break WordPress for your users.

Related to this, using if (!function_exists(‘NAME ‘)) { around all your functions and classes sounds like a great idea until you realize the fatal flaw. If something else has a function with the same name and their code loads first, your plugin will break. Using if-exists should be reserved for shared libraries only.

Remember: Good prefix names are unique and distinct to your plugin. This will help you and the next person in debugging, as well as prevent conflicts.

Example(s) from your plugin:

wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:90:function event() {
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:175:function new_default_content($content) {
wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:197:function override_archive_template( $archive_template ){

## Calling files remotely

Offloading images, js, css, and other scripts to your servers or any remote service (like Google, MaxCDN, etc) is disallowed. When you call remote data you introduce an unnecessary dependency on another site. If the file you’re calling isn’t a part of WordPress Core, then you should include it -locally- in your plugin, not remotely. If the file IS included in WordPress core, please call that instead.

An exception to this rule is if your plugin is performing a service. We will permit this on a case by case basis. Since this can be confusing we have some examples of what are not permitted:

  • Offloading jquery CSS files to Google – You should include the CSS in your plugin.
  • Inserting an iframe with a help doc – A link, or including the docs in your plugin is preferred.
  • Calling images from your own domain – They should be included in your plugin.

Here are some examples of what we would permit:

  • Calling font families from Google or their approved CDN (if GPL compatible)
  • API calls back to your server to process possible spam comments (like Akismet)
  • Offloading comments to your own servers (like Disqus)
  • oEmbed calls to a service provider (like Twitter or YouTube)

Please remove external dependencies from your plugin and, if possible, include all files within the plugin (that is not called remotely). If instead you feel you are providing a service, please re-write your readme.txt in a manner that explains the service, the servers being called, and if any account is needed to connect.

Example(s) from your plugin:

wpsekolah/wp-sekolah.php:140: wp_enqueue_style( ‘jquery-ui-datepicker-style’ , ‘//’);

—- —- —- —-

We believe this to be a complete review of all issues found in your plugin. If we have no response from this email address in 6 months, we will reject this submission in order to keep our queue manageable. To keep your review active, all we ask is that you make corrections and reply.

Your next steps are:

  1. Make all the corrections related to the issues we listed.
  2. Review your entire code to ensure there are no other related concerns.
  3. Attach your corrected plugin as a zip file OR provide a link to a public location (Dropbox, Github, etc) from where we can download the code. A direct link to the zip is best.

Once we receive your updated code, we will re-review it from top down.

We again remind you that should you wish to alter your permalink (aka the plugin slug), you must explicitly tell us what you want it to be. We require to you clearly state in the body of your email what your desired permalink is. Permalinks cannot be altered after approval, and we generally do not accept requests to rename should you fail to inform us during the review.

Be aware that if your zip contains javascript files, you may not be able to email it as many hosts block that in the interests of security. Also note that all version control directories (like Github) will auto-generate a zip for you.

While we have tried to make this review as exhaustive as possible we, like you, are humans and may have missed things. As such, we will re-review the entire plugin when you send it back to us. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have questions, concerns, or need clarification, please reply to this email and just ask us.

Note! If you asked for a permalink change and got a reply that is has been processed, remember that these emails will still use the original display name. Don’t panic. If you did not get a reply that we processed the permalink, let us know immediately.

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